Massage Therapy Atlanta GA



(Non-member rates also available, see below)


Rub Club Monthly Discounted Massage Plans

(massage rates are month-to-month auto-debit only)


Monthly Prepaid Plan



Unlimited Flex Plan



ONLY $49.95/month* for sixty minutes (60) of massage monthly

(additional massages at $35 per hour available through autodebit only)


ONLY $15.95/month*

(Flex members pay $40 per hour for each massage, at the time of service)

* Both plans have a $50 start-up fee. This fee is WAIVED if you join one of the two plans above on the date of your first trial massage!





15 minutes (chair massage only)


30 minutes (table massage)

$45 (first trial massage only $19)

60 minutes (table massage)

90 minutes (table massage)




Monthly Massage Membership Rules


Why are our Atlanta massage therapy membership rates and prices so inexpensive?

In a separate chiropractic practice, PSS Injury & Wellness Center already had the extra space, the massage tables, plenty of clean linens and an unbelievably trained massage therapy staff. We decided to start an inexpensive massage therapy membership program! We decided to practically "give" the massage therapy services away in order to create more foot traffic through our doors each month. More traffic = more referrals.

Rest assured......We do not try to "sell" our chiropractic services to our Rub Club members. You are paying for an enjoyable and relaxing massage, and that's what you get.... nothing else. We have no salespeople, and there is no pressure. We just ask that you keep our injury care services in mind if you or your friends & family ever get injured.

As a result of this, our Rub Club members eventually refer someone that they know who has been injured in an accident to our chiropractors and/or medical doctors at PSS Injury & Wellness Center. Many of our members inquire about additional care for themselves. By allowing the public to get massage therapy services for such an inexpensive rate....... we have increased our health care profitability and dramatically decreased our advertising expenses!

The Bottom Line:

As an chiropractic office, our main income is from health care services.
We already have a great massage therapy staff, plenty of extra space and massage supplies at our location in East Atlanta / Grant Park, GA.
We decided to practically "give" the massage therapy services away at an amount slightly above our cost.
In turn, we generate a lot of extra happy customers through our doors each month.
We build a great personal relationship with the Rub Club member.
Rub Club members refer their injured friends and family to our physicians for quality care.
Everyone wins! The Rub Club reduces our advertising budget, and YOU GET GREAT, INEXPENSIVE MASSAGES EVERY MONTH!

The Rub Club

Massage Therapy Membership Guidelines

  1. As a courtesy to our chemically sensitive clients and staff, please do not use scented or odor-producing products (perfumes, colognes, tobacco, etc.) on the day of your massage appointment.
  2. To keep our massage rooms pleasant and odor-free, please be showered and sweat-free before your massage sessions.
  3. Please arrive 15-minutes before your scheduled massage therapy appointment.   Arriving late will cheat you of your precious massage minutes.   Please remember. . . for us to offer the same quality of service to all of our massage therapy clients, each session must end on-time, regardless of how late it begins.
  4. All massage therapist's sessions include 5-minutes for dressing/undressing time, according to the following schedule:   30 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 25 minute massage); 60 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 55 minute massage)l 90 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 85 minute massage).
  5. Massage Cancellation policy:   if you must cancel or reschedule your massage therapist appointment, please advise us 24-hours in advance so another client may have the opportunity to use that time, and to avoid the $25 massage therapy appointment cancellation fee per half-hour appointment.   You understand that each appointment cancellation fee will be automatically charged to your account information on file, and that all appointment cancellation fees are in addition to your normal membership fee. All memberships are based on monthly debit or annual prepayments only.
  6. Unused Massages: All pre-paid massages are to be used within 90 days from the date they are credited. (You have approximately 3 months to use the massage minutes). Masage minutes not used will be forfeited with no refund. Important : the newest credited massages minutes are always debited first, followed by the next recently credited minutes (you must use current masage minutes before accessing previous month’s massage minutes).
  7. No cash or credit refunds for unused services.   The membership is month-to-month.   You may cancel your Rub Club membership at anytime with a written notice submitted 60 days before your final draft date.
  8. All memberships are non-transferable. Membership pricing listed is for an individual member only.
  9. The Rub Club reserves the right to cancel client's memberships at any time without cause.
  10. All Rub Club memberships are for symptom-free maintenance care and cannot be used for treatment of symptoms as the result of auto accident, work injury, or any other acute or recent trauma or injury.
  11. I will report any changes in my health status to The Rub Club staff before undergoing a massage.   I will not hold The Rub Club or PSS Injury & Wellness Center responsible for any health related concern that arises due to an undisclosed health condition.
  12. All membership use is based on appointment and current hours of operation of The Rub Club Massage Therapy.
  13. Discount Atlanta massage therapist prices available for active Rub Club massage members only.  Prices return to regular rates if member is not current on their month-to-month account.


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