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Who Are We and

Why Are Our Massages So Inexpensive?

Okay's the scoop.  The Rub Club is located inside PSS Injury & Wellness Center, the office of Dr. Edward Schneider, DC in East Atlanta/Grant Park, Georgia ... also known as "East Atlanta's Chiropractor" (see contact us page for map).  PSS Injury Center is a chiropractic and physiotherapy practice. 

Our physiotherapy staff already includes excellent neuromuscular massage therapists that assist us with our patient care.  Our therapists are individually screened by our strict physician standards, and have proven to be excellent with our patients with pain or injury.  We trust in our massage therapist's ability to handle our complex injury cases.


Our Original Problem:

As chiropractic office, one of our biggest monthly expenses was advertising..  We previously advertised in expensive magazines and newspapers, on television and in the yellowpages.  After reviewing our patient lists, we found that the MOST of our new patients came from referrals from other patients! 

Why were we wasting so much money on expensive ads?  Our existing patients loved our chiropractic and massage therapy services, and often referred their friends who have been hurt in an auto accidents, slip-and-falls, injured playing sports, injured at work. . . or those that just wanted chiropractic care and/or massage therapy.







Our Solution:

Because most of our new patients came from referrals, we decided that we needed a way to increase the number of people that enter the door everyday.  Since we already had the extra space, the massage tables, plenty of clean linens and an unbelievably trained massage therapy staff, we decided to start an inexpensive massage therapy membership program!  See pricing details by clicking hereWe decided to practically "give" the massage therapy services away in order to create more foot traffic through our doors each month.  More traffic = more referrals.

Rest assured......We do not try to "sell" our chiropractic services to our Rub Club members.  You are paying for an enjoyable and relaxing massage, and that's what you get.... nothing else.   We have no salespeople, and there is no pressure.  We just ask that you keep our injury care services in mind if you or your friends & family ever get injured.

As a result of this, our Rub Club members eventually refer someone that they know who has been injured in an accident to our chiropractors and/or medical doctors at PSS Injury & Wellness Center.  Many of our members inquire about additional care for themselves.  By allowing the public to get massage therapy services for such an inexpensive rate....... we have increased our health care profitability and dramatically decreased our advertising expenses!


The Bottom Line:

  • As an orthopedic group, our main income is from health care services.
  • We already have a great massage therapy staff, plenty of extra space and massage supplies at our location in East Atlanta / Grant Park, GA.
  • We decided to "give" the massage therapy services away at an amount slightly above our cost.
  • In turn, we generate a lot of extra happy customers through our doors each month.
  • We build a great personal relationship with the Rub Club member.
  • Rub Club members refer their injured friends and family to our physicians for quality care.
  • Everyone wins!  The Rub Club reduces our advertising budget, and YOU GET GREAT, INEXPENSIVE MASSAGES EVERY MONTH!



East Atlanta:  749 Moreland Ave #C-106, Atlanta GA 30316      Tel:  404-627-2282